MoonPie Over Mobile/2014

After a very successfull showing at BayFest 2013, Worx has been booked by the City of Mobile to ring in 2014.  The headliner act will be Gretchen Wilson.

Worx opening for Filter & Godsmack @ BayFest 2013

On the strength of their new album "Retrosonic" Worx will be performing on the Coca-Cola Stage opening up for Filter and Godsmack at this year's BayFest 2013.  FINALLY!!!!!!!

New Venues for 2013

Several new venues have been added for this year include The Hangout, Little River Marina, Chan's of Pensacola, Club Casino, and Bojangles.

Worx to play Hangout / 2013

Yes, Worx will be heading to Gulf Shores for several shows starting in late March to mid-July on the main stage.

Bayfest 2013 / Shrimpfest 2013

For 2013, Worx is sending out their web promo video to these, and other music festivals.  The hope is to receive some sor t of feedback as to whether they are interested.  We hope with the greater popularity of Worx, coupled with the release of the new album "Retrosonic", we will have a better chance of being considered. 

Bluegill.....What's Up

With the changes is ownership and management, Worx has seen a decline in shows booked for this venue.  We are hopeful that any issues can be sorted out and addressed properly so that the band can continue performing there on a regular basis.  We'll see what 2013 brings.

Retrosinc is Released!

December 22, 2013 the physical media pachages were picked up from the UPS distribution center.  The album was already launched onto I-tunes and other E-Distributors and has already sold more than our 1st album "One".  Worx will have these, as well as other merchandise at their live shows.

Feb / 2012  Worx to release EP next month...

The long-awaited  "RetroSonic" EP is all but upon us.  Discs and inserts are currently being printed.  It is a 3-Song EP that is going to be targetting every format-friendly / independantly owned radio station in the southeast.  The EP will be available at all shows as well.  Spring / 2012 look for the full release of the album...

Worx Rocks the Zebra, again...

Worx made a late appearance at the Zebra for another benefit.  Broke in some new music from the upcoming album, and hopefully helped in the efforts of getting Kim back on her feet again.  Pics & vids are on our myspace and facebook pages.

New EP and Album

Worx is putting out an EP to preceed their next album which is scheduled to be out early November 2009.  The EP will be distributed to format-friendly radio stations in the southeast region, while the full cd will be released to exclusive e-distribution and will be available at most online retailers.  New t-shirts themed with the new album's artwork are in the making and should be ready by the album's release date later this fall.

A-1 Performance at the Bluegill

Worx paid a return visit to the famed Bluegill June 20th.  You could say the place was packed to the gills...  Haaa!  No, but seriously a great crowd and some familiar faces.  On top of the almost 110 degree heat index, Billy had food poisoning to deal with during this performance.  Lesson learned:  Don't eat A-1 Steak Sauce on your meat until you check the expiration date. If it says October / 2007, you might want to throw it away.  We have no pics or vids of this show currently...

ALS Benefit With Worx

This Saturday, May 16th is the 1st annual Walk To Defeat ALS.  Worx will be performing for this event starting around 9:am til noon.  More info here.

Pics of the event here...

ACS Benefit Concert 

This year's show is held at The Zebra Lounge in the courtyard on April 19th starting at noon.  7 bands will be performing to benefit the American Cancer Society.  Things kick off at noon and go until 8 p.m. or so.  Come early and come hungry, admission gets you some bbq chicken and 2 sides.  Need we say there will be plenty of drinks...  Pics and vids here.

See the write-up here.

City Stages 2009  w/ Worx ?

Yes, it may actually happen.  For years Worx has been caught in "the grey area" of not being a local band to Mobile.  We don't know the "clicks", and don't care too.  Birmingham is where we started this band and thousands know us, and will remember us when/and/or if we get on the billing for this event.  Worx will be performing all original material and will be billed as a regional act opening for one of the larger headliners for City Stages.  (If we get selected of course...) 

Worx Courts 92.1 WZEW

The band recently submitted their entire cd to local rock station WZEW / 92.1 The Zoo.  The station has been a big supporter of local artist and provide several venues for them to shine.  Right now, they have a segment "Area 251" that showcases local artists.  They also host "2nd Tuesday - Live at the Bluegill" (this is also broadcast live on the station and is televised).  They also have a couple of other shows for Wednesday and Thursday nights as well, but I can't think of what they are right now.  The fact is, 92 Zoo does more to support the local artists than any other radio station around Mobile, AL.  They also play local artist in rotation based on the audio merits of the song.  Basically, if they like the song, and it's format friendly, they will probably give it some air time.  For now, Worx is still waiting on Tim Camp and Lee Ann Waters to give us the thumbs up / down on at least getting in on the "Area 251" show.  For all you Worx faithful that are wanting to help move things along, here's the number to the station (251) 433-9236. 

Toshi's Birthday!!!

Toshi, aka "Toddy", wife of Worx singer / guitarist Billy, turns 30-something today....  Enjoy the b'day song. 

2nd  In The Worx

Worx is getting ready to start recording sessions for their next album.  The band has spent the last couple of months getting through the holidays and auditioning bassists out of the Mobile area.  With all this behind us, we look forward to 2009 with some changes in how we will be going about our business with radio stations, future shows, promotions, etc.  Our exposure in the radio markets will be increased with new "audio-fingerprint" technology that will validate agreed upon airplay with radio stations. 

Worx Shows On Line

Worx realizes that with the uprooting of the band from B'ham and reforming in Mobile has caused some of our band's faithful following to not be able to attend shows from out of town.  So, in keeping with technology and a pissed off fan's suggestion, we will be showing our shows on our website starting early 2009.  Video will probably be .asf format and the audio around 128 kbs. Worx will be using some of the video footage on their next cd / dvd to be released this spring/summer.

Worx @ The Bluegill for Halloween

The Bluegill hosted the Halloween show for Worx this year.  Just about everyone that came out were dressed in their scariest attire.  The weather was perfect and the house was full.  No tricks, but plenty of treats with all the heart-pumpin' butt-bumpin' rock and roll going on.  The band saw so many beautiful "She Pirates" that they are considering buying a boat.  Arrrrrrrrr.  Pics and vids of the show are here.

Worx Rocks The Swamp

One of the premier venues in Mobile is "The Swamp".  In fact, the last act to play the stage before Worx was Todd Rudgren.  The Swamp has hosted countless touring acts making their way through the southeast.  A sizeable stage with the breeze of the bay and sand at your feet makes for a great atmosphere.  Worx was introduced by 106.5's Sean Sullivan to the crowd at 8 p.m. and Worx took it from there til' 11 p.m.  The band looks to follow up this successful show with several more heading into the end of the year.  Pics and vids of the show are here.

106.5 The Pirate Show / 2008

This year's event is being held at The Swamp on September 19th.  For those of you not familiar with "the swamp", it's the downstairs part of Felix's Fish Camp on the causeway in Spanish Fort.  Radio promos should be airing soon and there will be plenty of things going on at this shindig.  Between the food, drinks, music and other scheduled activities, this show will be the best yet for the station and its listeners.  For Worx, it's a very special show because it features new bassist Jeff Brown, as well as some never-before-played songs added to the set list.

Worx Hits Internet Radio

Currently, Worx is working out the final details with one of several internet radio stations (IRS's) here in the states to have the band's music in regular rotation.  Apparently, there are several IRS's that are format friendly to the music Worx writes and performs.   In a time when most terrestrial radio stations are bowing to their corporate owners, and playing the same ol' "Pop-a-Matics" that just walked off of American Idol and the like, it's reassuring to know that there are IRS's that are standing behind and supporting the real artists that didn't need MTV to get established.  What we like most is that we can actually SEE where our songs are in an IRS playlist shuffle.

Write Us In!!!

Worx, for whatever reasons, has never played BayFest or ShrimpFest.  We are a "rock band".  We have, over the last couple of years, made ourselves more visible as a "local band".  Coupled with the radio support over the last 2 years we are hopeful that our appeal to the BayFest and Shrimpfest organizations would be enough to garner their interest.  Since this is not the case, Worx appeals to you, our audience.  You want to see us at BayFest & ShrimpFest, right?  Well, while we are out playing locally, get on the horn, get on line, let these organizations know you want to see us.  Writing us in is really the only way we see us getting through the wall.              

 Hopefully, with a little luck and everyone writing in will finally be enough to pursued these organizations to give us a fair look.  



President - Bobby Bostwick, Jr.


E-mail -

Ann Rambeau


Head Chairman - Tammy Halco


Worx Gets New Bassist!!!

Worx started off the month of July 2008 with new bassist Jeff Brown.  The band's former bassist, Tim Rice had to depart from the band to prepare for his move up to Ohio.  After several auditions of local bass players in and around the Mobile, AL area, the band struck gold with Jeff.  Now with everything seemingly in place, the band can get prepared for the summer shows, coupled with a modest regional club schedule.  You can see and hear more of Jeff on the "meet worx" page. 

Worx Gets Nominated ???

For years Worx has been on the short end of any real recognition since relocating to Mobile, AL.  Their popularity has grown over the last year because of their BayFest / 106.5 Concert and the airplay of 3 released songs off the album "One".  Popularity among teens has also increased with the recently added myspace page,\worxband.  In May of this year Worx was notified of their nomination for "Best Group" by the National Music Awards.  Actually, no one we talked to in the music business had ever heard of this particular "entitiy".  It seems that any band that has a myspace page is automatically "nominated".  The event was held at the Seanger Theatre in Biloxi, MS on June 28, 2008.  By the way, it's $20.00 a head (even if you are a nominee).  The winners from this "event" are based on how many votes received, not by actual qualified A&R people experienced in critiquing music.  From what we have gathered, the winner of this "Best Group" award was a group out of the Gulfport / Biloxi, MS area.  Hmmmmm, go figure...   Probably the most significant of all is the fact that Biloxi's own newspaper didn't even waste their time covering it.  So we won't waste anymore time either....

BayFest / ShrimpFest 2008

Anyone familiar with Worx over the last several years would contend that the band simply does not perform enough for their liking.  There has been an ongoing "adjustment" to the local market.  The fact is that club turnover is rampid, as well as clubs changing format constantly.  Right now, there are clubs that have opened in the last half year that are closed and / or reopened under another name and clientel.  Its confusing for music fans to know what clubs are a healthy venue for bands, and which are just the next flavor of the month. 

The music festivals such as BayFest and ShrimpFest are just a few of the venues that Worx has been courting over the last several years.  ShrimpFest 2008 has had Worx's application submission since Februrary.  BayFest will have the application hand delivered by April's end.  With the band's upcoming performance on opening night of BayFest 2007, thousands of people in the listening of 106.5 The Pirate were exposed to Worx's original music from their cd "One" aired on the radio, coupled with some live on-air interviews with the band.  The show was held at the SkyView.  Seventeen floors up, with only one elevator, and Chaka Khan performing just blocks away, Worx played to a full house all evening.  There is no telling how large the turnout would  have been if the venue would have been held on ground level.  Hopefully this year's festivals will take notice of the band's upcoming performances, including 106.5 The Pirate's 2nd Anniversary this August.

Spring 2008

Worx is currently getting back to the drawing board after a couple of months of diversions.  To make up for the setback, the band is doubling it's efforts to be ready for the spring and summer events.  Worx is tentatively scheduled for April 26th at Orange Beach for a convention as well as the 2nd Anniversay Concert for 106.5 The Pirate in August 2008.

106.5 The Pirate / 2007 Bash

Worx was invited to play the 1st Anniversary Bash for 106.5 The Pirate at the Sky View in downtown Mobile, AL on Friday, October 5, 2007.  The venue was also a kick-off to BayFest.  For many in the area it was a chance to see and hear something different.  Some people came out of curiosity, and others became listeners of Worx's music for the first time thanks to the regular rotation that 106.5 The Pirate has given our music.  For everyone, it was the chance to see and hear music from some of the most popular and most revered groups from the 70's and 80's, some of which are nolonger together.  For 3 hours, people sang along to the Journey songs, stayed absolutely still through  Peter Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do" guitar solo (played in its' entirety), listened with appreciation to the original songs, and yelled and screamed after every song.  Worx pulled many people together to have a great time, and we had a great time with all who came.  (Pix of the show here.)  You cats from Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult, thanks for hanging out for the show....


The new rehearsal studio is all but done.  Shingles and some trim on the outside and some ceiling panels on the inside is all that's lacking now.  It's already outfitted with everything to do whatever the band wants to do. This building will give Worx the comforts of home with added sound quality for recording projects, and the added privacy and security needed to make it all come together.  For years Worx has used warehouse / storage buildings affectionately referred to as "the shed" to rehearse in.  A burglary, coupled with paying thousands of dollars for rent became the best excuse to build our own studio.  The saved money already over the last couple of months has paid for the cost of the building.  The ongoing wet weather has made progress slow at best, but rest assured, it will get done.  Right now, there's nothing for us to "cram" for as far as shows go, especially locally.  I think as time goes by, Worx will be more inclined to do shared venues with other bands on a monthly basis and concentrate more on the recording end of things.